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Providing professional qualifications which widen and improve career opportunities, we understand what employers are looking for and will ensure that you have the skills to succeed in the industry whether you move on to Higher Education or into employment.
We will support you with work experience opportunities and ensure that you have a solid foundation for a successful career.

Our Courses

Our courses are fully accredited and regulated by Open Awards - QCF accredited education qualifications awarding organization,our courses are certified by quality assurance bodies.
Our courses are specially designed to help individuals and companies to set up mobile phone and computer repair business, we are the only training provider who provide these kind of fully accredited courses.
Our unique courses and quality assurance keep us ahead of the competition.

Mobile Phone Repair Courses

Advance Iphone repair Course (1 day)£195.00

Advance Iphone repair Course (1 day)£195.00

Advance Mobile Phone & Tablet Software Repair Course£195.00

Mobile Phone Repair Course Level 1,2 (3 Days)£599.00

Smart Phone & Tablet Repair Course Level 1,2(4Days)£699.00

Advance Mobile Phone Advance level 3 Course (3 Days)£799.00

All In One Smart Phone & Tablet Repair Level 1,2,3 Course (5days)£1099.oo

PC & Laptop Repair Courses

Pc & Laptop Repair Course Level 1,2(5Days)£799.99

Pc & Laptop Repair Course Advance Leve 3 (5Dys)£999.00

Macbook & Imac Repair Course Level 1,2 (3Days)£899.00

Macbook & Imac Repair Course Component Level 3 (5Days)£999.00

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  • Mobile Phone repair course: (Monday – Wednesday)11AM-4PM
  • Smart Phone & Tablet repair course Level 1 & 2: (Monday – Thursday) 11AM-4PM
  • Smart Phone & Tablet repair Advance level 3 Course (Tuseday-Thersady-Friday (11AM-4PM)
  • Smart Phone & Tablet repair course Level 1, 2 & 3: (Monday – Friday) 11AM-4PM
  • Smart Phone & Tablet Software Flashing/Unlocking Course (Saterday) 11AM-4PM
  • IPad & Tablet Repair Course (Thursday) 11AM-4PM
  • IPhone Repair Course (Wednesday)11AM-4PM
  • PC/Laptop Repair Course Level 1&2 (Monday-Friday)11AM-4PM
  • PC/Laptop Repair Course Level 3 (Monday-Friday)11AM-4PM
  • IMac/Mac Book Repair Course Level 1&2 (Monday-Friday)11AM-4PM
  • IMac/Mac Book Repair Course Level 3(Monday-Friday)11AM-4PM