Smart Phone & Tablet Repair Course Level 1,2

You will be trained to repair Smartphones, tablets, and the iPad system accompanied by more practical training and advance soldering.
Our full - time Smartphone Course consist of theories and hands on training. 
Our part - time Smartphone Course consist of theories and hands on training. Designed especially for those who work in the day and want to learn a new and exciting career

Course Date :Monday-Thursday

Course Time :11AM to 4PM

Course Fee : £0.00

Advanced iPhone/ipad/ipod/tablet Repair Training


  • We have dedicated a Full day strictly on iPhone repairs
  • How to replace broken Glass Digitizer
  • How to replace broken LCD
  • Step-by-step instructions on how to disassemble the iPhone series of phones correctly
  • Disassemble and Assemble practice on iPhones
  • How to repair the Data Port
  • How to replace the Headset Jack Flex Cable
  • How to replace the Wifi Flex Cable
  • iPhone Unlocking solutions
  • How to change the Home Button, Earspeaker, etc
  • The repair techniques taught can be applied to all iSeries products - iPhone 3G to iPhone 6+.


Level I Course


  • GSM, CDMA, 3G, 4G Network Concept and structure
  • ESN, IMEI and SIM relationship, theory and concept
  • Determination of physical and liquid damage detection on PCB boards
  • Beginning soldering and desoldering techniques
  • Use of proper tools and opening techniques to dismantle all make and model of cell phones
  • Assemble and disassemble practice on straight, flip and slider phones
  • Phone malfunction and liquid damage troubleshooting
  • Change keypad input membrane & key contact corrosion repair
  • Data transfer & recovery
  • Cell Phone Unlocking - how to take carrier locks off GSM Phones


Level II Course


  • BGA Controller Chip Structure and Design
  • Water Damage Phone Troubleshooting and Repair
  • Physical damage repair and troubleshooting techniques on GSM and CDMA phones
  • Blackberry Trackball, Trackball Dome and Trackpad replacement
  • Replace LCD, Ribbon flex cable, broken lens, Camera & touch screen digitizer
  • Circuit board block diagram layout architecture - For Component Repairs
  • Phone not powering on - No Power
  • No network signal or unstable signal
  • Phone automatically shuts off - Power Cycling
  • Replace Sim Conector, Switches, Battery connector, SD memory connector, Vibrator, Flex Cable Switch, Multi pin

Data Port, LCD plug-in connector and Charging Port

  • Repair on-board components, circuit bridging & Jumpering techniques